Revelation Allusion in Dexter


Earlier this semester, my boyfriend started my addiction to Netflix. My first addiction was Dexter. Aside from Dexter (Michael C. Hall) being insanely attractive, the storylines are unique. I don’t know many shows that focus on a “good-guy” serial killer whose sister is a homicide detective.This allusion contains a massive amount of spoilers; so, if you have any inclination of watching Dexter, don’t read this. 

Dexter was orphaned at the age of three. Dexter was adopted by Harry Morgan, a policeman, who recognized his homicidal tendencies and taught him to channel his  passion for human dissection in a “constructive” way. Dexter only kills criminals who have slipped through the  cracks in the justice system. Dexter works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. Both Dexter’s wife was killed by a serial killer. 

In season 6, religion is addressed in a very unsubtle way. The two main antagonist in season 6 are the not so subtle allusion to Revelation. The Doomsday Killers (DDK) are Professor James Gellar  and his student Travis Marshall. These two want to bring about the end of the world through killings based on Revelation.


There are many allusions throughout the season.

In episode 1, the DDK are seen looking for a pregnant water snake. The need seven live water snake babies. This alludes to Revelation 12 where a woman gives birth to a dragon with seven heads. The DDK murder a man at a fruit stand and place the seven snakes into his belly forming the Greek letters Alpha and Omega. This is an allusion to Revelation 1:8.

At the end of  episode 3,  there are four horse with horribly disfigured bodies riding them. This is an allusion to Revelation 6:1-8.

Episode 4 begins with Dexter fascinated with the four horses. The four horse have been painted with the Greek letters Alpha and Omega. This is the episode where the police start putting together the pieces that the DDK are using Revelation as inspiration. The police learn that Geller, half of the DDK, was fired from his university job for stealing a sword that belonged to John the Revelator. A victim is hung in a greenhouse. When the police find her, she is still alive. An officer trips a wire and the woman falls to her death. She lands as if she has wings like an angel. Dexter hears a buzzing sound and finds the cause: a closet door full of locust. The locust are an allusion to Revelation 9.

Episode 5 is where the DDK begins looking for the whore of Babylon. This is an allusion to Revelation 17. However, in Episode 6, they let the “whore” go.

In episode 8,  a different Whore of Babylon is found dead sitting on a crocodile seat and seven heads. This is an allusion to Revelation 17 and her fall in Revelation 18.

In episode 9, The words “BRING THE FALSE PROPHET TO THE CHURCH”  are written in blood on a mirror. The false prophet is an allusion to most of the New Testament as well as Revelation. Up until this episode, everyone believes that the DDK are two people. This is changed during this episode.

In episode 10, DDK paints a picture of Wormwood and the poisoning of mankind. This is an allusion to Revelation 8:11. Episode 11 is when Dexter saves the entire police department by stopping the DDK accomplice from setting off the Wormwood poison gas.

Episode 12 is entitled “This is the Way the World Ends”. During this episode, a solar eclipse is scheduled to happen. DDK has painted a massive mural of Dexter as the Beast in the Lake of Fire. Minus the Dexter aspect, this is an allusion to Revelation 20. Dexter has a son, Harrison, who attends a Catholic preschool.  Harrison has a preschool pageant of Noah’s Ark. Harrison is dressed as a lamb, the symbol of innocence. DDK kidnaps Harrison and takes him to the rooftop of a building where there is an altar built. DDK considers Dexter the beast but considers Harrison innocent. Kind of ironic.

This season of Dexter has very obvious allusions to Revelation. Even though these are obvious allusions, without knowledge of the Bible and Revelation, the audience would not understand the significance of the references. Since I was exposed to Revelation, I understood from the beginning of the season Revelation would play a major role. This season might have been my favorite.


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